The Legend

Doi Chaang Coffee is a name synonymous withworld class premium Arabica coffee produced in Doi Chaang Village, Chiang Rai, located within the Northen region of Thailand known as the Golden Triangle. Doi Chaang Village was once the site for illegal opium trade with the patronage of His Majesty King Bhumibol, Royal Initiatives were launched to introduce sustainable crops to hill tribes of Northern Thailand. Though this merciful act of His Majesty the King, Doi Chaang village received Arabica coffee plants to be cultivated in this region. After the King launched the Royal Initiatives in 1969, with the aim of alleviating the lifelihood of the hill tribes, the government officials and related state agencies took further action in carrying forward the project by encouraging people to stop deforesting and grow other economic winter crops instead of opium

A large number of Akha Farmers were interested in the initiative turned to growing coffee. However, due to the lack of collaboration among the growers there was no control over the quality of the coffee, and no proper sales channel to distribute the product. Adding to the difficulties, transporting the coffee out of such a remote area was extremely inconvenient. Theis provided the opportunity for unscrupulous dealers to take advantage with unfair offers, knowing the farmers could not afford hauling their production back to the mountain.

Wicha Promyong (known as Ah Bor) was travelling through Baan Doi Chang when he met Panachai Phisailert or Adel (village leader of Baan DOi Chaang), who told him about the unfortunate situation. Wicha had great empathy for the hill tribe villagers and decided to work with them and find a solution. Wicha's ingenuity and Panachai's leadership pulled the villagers together and created a holistic and sustainable endeavor which would benefit the entire community. In 2003, their unified brought into existence Doi Chaang Coffee brand.